Singaporean Graduate Engineers and Chartered Engineers may join the Ingenieurs Australia Society to help them become visible and recognised in Singapore.

Graduate and Chartered Engineers, along with Professional Engineers, in Singapore play a key role in improving the material quality of life of all Singaporeans with their high level planning, design and project management of technology and infrastructure projects throughout Singapore. However, their role in all of these things is often not recognised because their title of “Engineer” is used to designate many different occupational groups such as Mechanics, Technicians, Technical Officers and Engineering Technologists among others as well as the rightful Graduate Engineers, Chartered Engineers and Professional Engineers. This misuse of the Engineer title causes much confusion in the general Singaporean community and a similar situation of confusion also occurs in Australia, the UK and many other English speaking countries. This confusion results in poor visibility and minimal recognition of Graduate and Chartered Engineers and their important professional engineering roles and achievements.

To help clarify this problem situation, Graduate Engineers and Chartered Engineers with their BEng or BSc(Eng) degree qualifications from a university may join the Ingenieurs Australia Society and use the international, exclusive prefix title of Ing. (abbreviation of Ingenieur from the French language) for Graduate, Chartered and Professional Engineers. Thus Graduate Engineers and Chartered Engineers could have the titles package of Ing. Tan, MIES FIET CEng, for example. A Graduate or Chartered Engineer with a doctorate qualification could use the international Dr.Ing. prefix title, instead of Ing., to distinguish themselves from Medicos who are usually called Dr. (Doctor) in many English speaking countries.

You might be interested to know that in Australia, Graduate Engineers, Chartered Engineers and Registered Professional Engineers are collectively called Professional Engineers.

Although Graduate and Chartered Engineers are probably already members of various engineering institutions relevant to their own branch of engineering, like the IES and IET for example, they are invited to also join the IngAust Society to assist them with their visibility, recognition and professional development within Singapore.

As well as engaging in PR type activities in Singapore for Graduate and Chartered Engineers, the IngAust Society is planning to organise activities for their professional advancement which are complementary to those activities organised by the IES and IET, etc. IngAust Society events are expected to involve a combination of live attendance and online interactivity such as via Zoom.

In future there will probably be a Singapore Chapter of the IngAust Society assuming the demand is there. This Chapter could include Singaporean and ASEAN Graduate, Chartered and Professional Engineers.

There are three membership types in the IngAust Society as follows:

  1. MIngAust (Member of the Ingenieurs Australia Society) with free membership.
  2. MIngAust (Member of the Ingenieurs Australia Society) with AUD$120 pa membership for those who wish to contribute financially to IngAust activities in Singapore.
  3. FIngAust (Fellow of the Ingenieurs Australia Society) with AUD$120 pa membership.

Note that the membership joining fee is free of charge.

There is a LinkedIn group called “Ingenieurs Australia Society for Australian Professional Engineers & Singaporean Graduate Engineers”. As well as being there for the Australian Professional Engineers, this is for the Singaporean Graduate and Chartered Engineers who wish to keep in touch with Singapore IngAust Society information, updates, activities and matters of Interest as well as possibly engaging in local and  international professional engineering type discussions of interest to the profession or the general public.

The inaugural Singapore Committee of the IngAust Society currently includes Dr.Ing. Yan Poh Soon as the Convenor (his profile is on LinkedIn) and Dr.Ing. Sam Man Keong as a committee person. They will welcome you being in touch.

If you are interested in any aspect please send the IngAust Society President and Secretary a message via the Contact page on this website and we’ll respond to you quickly.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Ing. Kelvin Lillingstone-Hall, FIEAust CPEng,

President, Ingenieurs Australia Society.

12 December 2021.


Photo. A part of the Singapore skyline showing the results of the work of Graduate Engineers, Chartered Engineers and Professional Engineers with their high level planning, design and project management key roles with technology and infrastructure projects in many branches of engineering – structural, civil, geotechnical, electrical, mechanical, electronics, fire safety, air conditioning, etc. They’ve all helped to bring the City Planners and Architects’ visions, dreams and designs alive for the benefit of all Singaporeans.

Dr.Ing. Yan comments that this photo looking at the Singapore Financial & Central Business Districts has very much summed up the ingenuity and professional engineering contributions of the Graduate, Chartered and Professional Engineers.

However, the photo also includes no less important, the Marina Reservoir, Singapore’s biggest reservoir at the river mouth, filled with seawater. It was constructed in 2008 and with desalting completed in 2010, it now stores both rainwater and NEWater.

Singapore depended on 50% of raw water imported from the Johor River, Malaysia, which at times was in danger of being cut-off. This prompted the Singapore Authorities to research and produce NEWater that now contributes to 40% of Singapore’s fresh water needs – a great asset. The construction, operation and maintenance of this project was planned, designed and project managed by Graduate, Chartered and Professional Engineers.