Ingenieurs Australia Society
Formal Commencement Announcement
– Professional Engineers Invited to Join

After being present on LinkedIn for a number of years as the “Ingenieurs Australia Society – for All Australian Professional Engineers” group, the Society is also now to commence regular Melbourne / Australia wide based activities during 2020, after Incorporating in Victoria as a Not for Profit Association. If you wish to be a full member and part of this new phase of the IngAust Society please read on!

Now that the Covid 19 pandemic has abated and public meetings are allowed, the Society, exclusively for Professional Engineers, will be holding regular multi-disciplinary technical seminars, mainly via Zoom and some public meetings, for CPD and membership networking covering all of the engineering disciplines. We shall focus on subjects relevant and important to the future of Australia and the engineering profession.  Our seminars will give you the opportunity to network and meet colleagues and make new friends across a broad range of ages and experience. The purposes of the association are to act as a Fraternal, Learned, Community Service and Public Relations society to enhance Australian Professional Engineers and promote them within Australia and Internationally. This while acting as the unifying society for all Australian Professional Engineers, regardless of other professional organisations to which they belong. The Society’s overall aim is to help Professional Engineers in developing a sustainable world.

The Society’s basic membership level is free of charge.

As an Incorporated Association we are required to have a register of members and their details. If you do wish to be a full member and part of this new phase of the IngAust Society please email the following details to us at:

Please copy the form below and save it as a Word document so you can fill it out and email it to us as an attachment. The form includes things like your full name, mailing address, email address, contact phone number, engineering qualifications held and institution where obtained. Also, if you are a current or past member of Engineers Australia, then your current membership level or highest past membership level, such as GradIEAust, would also be appreciated.

If you have difficulty with copying and using the application form below just send us an email to <> and we will email an application form to you.

This is an exciting new phase of our activities and by sending your details we will be able to contact you directly with information about upcoming events. (Personal Details will of course be kept confidential and within the Society.)

We look forward to you being a part of our Society.

Ing. Colin White
B.E., F.I.E.Aust.
Ingenieurs Australia Society Inc.


Ingenieurs Australia Society Inc.
Membership Application

Full Name:
Mailing Address:
Contact Phone No. (fixed):
Engineering Qualifications Held:
Institution where obtained:
Highest Engineers Australia membership Level (Current):
Membership Level Requested*: Please indicate by making your chosen option to be in bold font.
Member (Free)
Member (Paid)
Fellow (Paid)
Affiliate (Free)
Affil IngAust
Affiliate (Paid)
Affil IngAust

*For membership details and fees please refer to this schedule below:

Membership Schedule and Fees.
Ingenieurs Australia Society Inc.
(For Professional Engineers and Affiliate Professionals)



Voting Rights & Code of Ethic May Stand for Office





As below





(meritorious achievement or service as/for
Prof. Engineers).
$120 pa





As below.




As below.













. orDr.Ing. (with PhD) orEur.Ing. (CPEng level from relevant European authority, as used in the UK).









Free or $120 pa – each member’s own choice.






Yes to voting rights.

Agree to IngAust Society Code of Ethics.












(other equivalent professionals supporting/helping Prof. Engineers to progress)




Affil IngAust




Free or $120 pa – Each Affiliate’s own choice. No voting rights.

No code of ethics.





Note 1. Re Fees.

  • Donations to the IngAust Society are welcome from Prof. Engineers (either as once off donations or increased annual membership payments above the normal $120pa), Employers and other interested organisations.

Definition of “Professional Engineer”. This was set as part of the early 1960s’ Professional Engineers Work Value Salary Case in the Australian Industrial Relations arena. Professional Engineers are people who hold qualifications for the achievement of GradIEAust or equivalent or higher. More recently, international qualifications certified within the Washington Accord, of which EA is a part, have also been included. Typically, these days such a qualification would be a graduate of a BEng degree from a University. Prior to 1980, other GradIEAust qualifications as certified by EA as being similar to the BEng degree at the time are also included (Eg Associate Diploma of Communication Engineering from RMIT awarded around 1960s – In more recent years the Associate Diploma title has been taken over by Engineering Associates to be used for some of their sub-professional qualifications).

Ing. Kelvin Lillingstone-Hall, President and
Ing. Colin White, Secretary,
IngAust Society, Inc.

28 November 2023.


You may also be interested in the PDF version of this 3 page application form shown here (use hidden arrows at the bottom of page 1 to show additional pages):

Membership Application _ Ingenieurs Australia Society Inc 18Aug 23, 23Nov23