Professional Engineers Day, Australia, 18 August 2021 – Your Invitation to Contribute

Let’s celebrate Professional Engineers and their key role in advancing the material quality of life for all of us in our world.

– Guidelines for Organisations Interested to be Contributors to the Day.

Potential Contributors to the Media and Live Promotions on and around the Day?

Engineering and other businesses employing Professional Engineers, various associations/societies/institutions with Professional Engineers as members and also universities with BEng, MEng and other relevant courses for educating Professional Engineers.

Who is a Professional Engineer in Australia?

Professional Engineers are defined in Australia as those with a 4 year Bachelor of Engineering degree from an Australian university and those with equivalent qualifications going back in history prior to 1980, all as certified by Engineers Australia as Professional Engineers. In short a Professional Engineer is one who is a GradIEAust, MIEAust, FIEAust or one with equivalent qualifications and professional engineering experience.

Why hold a PEng Day in Australia?

Professional Engineers play an important key role in advancing the overall material quality of life of all of us particularly in regards to infrastructure and technology improvements. However, many people in the general community, including politicians and other professions, do not know what Professional Engineers do and what a key role they play in developing and improving a great material quality of life for all. This PEng Day aims to help address this situation.

What sorts of messages are Suggested?

Professional Engineers do high level planning, design and project management of infrastructure, technology and manufacturing covering the aspects of research and development, provisioning, operations and maintenance. They utilize their ingenuity, high level engineering education and problem solving skills. It would be great to promote actual Professional Engineers along with them writing/talking/videoing about their experiences in enjoying the carrying out of their roles in a particular project, a number of projects or over-sighting many projects. It would be good for them to refer to their Prof. Engineer colleagues as appropriate as well as those in their engineering team (Engineering Technologists and Engineering Associates / Technical Officers) along with their support staff. It would also be good to cover how their project/s benefits the material quality of life of the community at large as well as benefitting the profitability of their own organisations. Also, how the Prof. Engineers feel they have provided good quality, economical solutions while being mindful of the circular economy and supporting the sustainability of our mother earth. Organisations doing the promotions should feel free to promote themselves along with their Prof. Engineers.

Also, it is worthwhile for Universities to promote the various BEng courses which lead directly to becoming Professional Engineers in the many different branches of engineering such as civil, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, mechatronics, biomedical, chemical, etc to help prospective students find their ideal professional engineering course.

“Business/Association” Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021

Each business and association wishing to be involved in some way with PEng Day 2021 may choose their own Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021 from the Prof. Engineers in their organisation and celebrate them with an internal/external presentation and/or a PR announcement organized by the organisation. Possible examples are:

  • APEA Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • NBNCo Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • Rio Tinto Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • Vernier Society Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • Successful Endeavours Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • GHD Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • WIE Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • LaTrobe Uni Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021
  • Visy Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021

A Celebrated Professional Engineer 2021 may be at any stage of their career from early Graduate Engineer to Chief Design Engineer to CEO or MD of a large engineering type organisation.

The PR announcement by an organisation could well be combined with the announcing of progress by the organisation in some green or other area it wishes to publicize.

Resources and Types of Media?

Feel free to use your own in-house resources to provide promotions on any appropriate online media, eg LinkedIn and Facebook, print media, video media such as YouTube or through live presentations in schools, Scout groups, Probus clubs, Rotary clubs, etc.

Overall listing and timing of PEng Day Promotions.

When you plan a promotion please forward its name and a brief summary to PEng Day Promotions at Then if you actually carry out the promotion/s please notify PEng Day Promotions of the date/s and time/s of these to the same email address. The overall results will be provided on this website as well as on LinkedIn so this way we will all have an idea of the number and type of promotions held overall. This will also assist with the planning of next year’s PEng Day. It would be good to have the various PEng Day promotions active by about a week before the actual PEng Day so they will be present for the Day and then to continue  these for about a week following.

Logos for use with the promotions.

Please feel free to choose and copy any or all of the logos below to use as badges with your promotions to provide a linkage to other PEng Day promotions. Also, feel free to copy the “Professional Engineers Mastermind Technology” poster just below.